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From these alone the governor can expect honest assistance. After proper magistrates are appointed, the next object for the governor's attention, is agriculture. This above all things should be attended to; no country perhaps on earth is more favourable for agriculture than this. We are situated at a great distance from all other countries, and ought to maintain ourselves from the produce of the fields, but this cannot be done unless agriculture is attended to as it should be. At present I apprehend we shall have to depend much upon India for bread; which ought not to be the case in a country that is capable of producing in the greatest abundance. This colony in my opinion will never rise to a state of independence, unless a civil governor is sent out. A naval gentleman is partial to a ship; a military one; to a barrack parade; while neither have any relish for the labour and produce of the field; for this reason they are not proper for the government of a country which is to depend upon agriculture. I think the expenses of the colony will awaken his Majesty's ministers to think something about it. About three thousand five hundred persons are now victualled from His Majesty's stores; which cannotamount to a much less sum than 70,000 £ per annum. I never saw a greater prospect of expenses to the nation than at present. I am happy, however to inform you, that through kind interest in England, the rising generation are now likely to be taken care of; we have got three govt schools now established, one at each principle settlement for the education of the children, and I am now forming more. In a short time, I hope to see a school in every district, and most of the schools are taught by pious men. A very great change has already taken place in the minds of the inhabitants with respect to their children. All seem anxious now to have them instructed.

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