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I hope she will live to benefit by . She now can talk pretty well & is an
entertaining companion to a fond Mother , whose feelings you wiull readily
excuse. I have also a little native boy who takes up part of my attention.
He is about six years old & now begins to read English & wait at table,
& hope at some future period he may be a useful member of society.
He has no inclination to go among the natives, & quite forgot their
Present my best respects to Mr Stokes, MissStokes & Master Edward
& tell him we often talk of him when we are eating melons. The seeds of
whihc he was so kind as to give me with wwishing you every blessing
on this dear life, I remain dear MAdam, Yrs
([Undecipherable]) Eliza Marsden
Mr M. gives you a line , but two ships sail together..we divide the letters.
Received May 12th 1799
To Mrs Stokes

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