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either of the contendings [indecipherable] and I am constrained. Then to be under no sort of necessity of being guarded in my expressions I am resident about 14 miles from Wm J have to preach at several places wh have no church at any of them. I bless God my congregation is continually increasing & two or three. I've begun to imagine what they would do to be saved. I hope our [indecipherable] Night is the womb of a bright morning not that I expect to see many turned from darkness mto light, God I have no doubt but the evil around bless his [indecipherable] to the eternal salvation of some of these unhappy people. Nothing be done wh Sydney while Mr J & the Govr are so [indecipherable] Lord. with aside by & bye & our enemies will be scattered. Things better [indecipherable] on the whole. The whole [indecipherable] I expected to find them amongst such abandoned people. I was not surprised to find [indecipherable] such contempt upon God & religion [indecipherable] the human [indecipherable] to be so full of emnity to Christ & his people. What gives the greatest meanings is the unhappy difference Wh [indecipherable] between Mr J & the Lt Govr but I enjoy [indecipherable] wh Mr John present does not. This limits him a good deal. Tho' I [indecipherable] no more there many other officers or [indecipherable] Mr J was before he

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