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Paramatta; Augt 2[indecipherable]
[Note] James Hassall 1st in book
Anna Hassall[indecipherable] to Wilberforce

Dear Madam
You [indecipherable] probably have heard before this reaches you of our safe arrival in New South Wales. We have much to bless the Ld for, who conducted us safe. This' the singhly, [indecipherable] in our desired. havent [indecipheral] I had a great sense of [indecipherable] Mercies & some more humbly dependant upon the Gd of [indecipherable] & Grace. We are now comfortably settled at Paramatta t& that [indecipherable] be sumoned to Norfolk Island, while Major Grose is Lieut Gov. You will have heard of [indecipherable] Johnson's quarrel with the [indecipherable] Lieut. Govr & how uncomfortably we are situated in Journals of relig
Mr John informed me that things in that respect were [indecipherable] thing like so fact [indecipherable] James There is so little attention paid to mere morality the difference between Jas Jo & the [indecipherable] gone to a very great [indeccipherable] to render it exceedingly [indecipherable] to me and it gives [indecipherable] a [indecipherable] of [indecipherable]

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