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Interference with advice of justice – [underlined]
1. Sudd's case – Thompson's case – vindictive and cruel, under plea of
preserving discipline – pretends to take Thompson
from iron gang, on account of his good conduct,
& then sends him in exile – the only punishment
he was legally liable to.

[In margin] See note to Letter of Capt. [indecipherable initials and surname] – !!

2. Orders men removed by justices under N.S.W. act,
to Port Macquarie, the bad penal settlement, to Norfolk
Island, where all are worked in chains [last four words underlined] – See my notes – que of St. Donelan

3. Changes sentences of persons sentenced by Court at
Newcastle – without reference to the Magistrates
4. Orders Sheriff [last two words underlined] to leave out certain persons from Jury [underlined]
contrary to the positive [two words crossed out] words of act of Parlt [Parliament] [last three words underlined]
& decision of Judge upon that act – que of Sheriff X
5. Directs [word crossed out] some Jurors to be exempted – and others left out [last two words underlined], [indecipherable]
[indecipherable] – & the [indecipherable] which proceeded his [indecipherable]
6. Direct interference in appointing the [indecipherable] to the named [indecipherable]
by the Court, in Piper's case [case name underlined]

Col. Stewart's
Governor's eulogy – & insinuations agt "other officers" [previous five words crossed out]
Stewarts [Stewart's] unofficer like conduct –
in working govt men, carts & horses – on his
private estate –
binding his at [indecipherable] govt cottage [last two words underlined], opening X
forging letter of Col. [indecipherable] to expedite his
private & [indecipherable] Write to Capt. R.
Forging L.G. to get convict mechanics – See [indecipherable]
made known to the Governor – Robinson recalled – Stewart [underlined]
eulogized [underlined] – & insinuations thrown out agt. character of "other officers" – probably agt me, because I would not plan D
W in his power – & Stephen for not succumbing to his dictates
[In margin 7.] Shameful neglect of executing sentences – Port Stephen's case [underlined] and case of "Jacky Jacky" [underlined] deferred from 24th Nov. – & then [indecipherable]
The case of Cato [underlined] the native murdered at Newcastle
X Cross X Moore

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Difficult to decifer.