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Contempt of his instructions [underlined]
(as to Executive Council being consulted in law –
as to Houses to civil officers –
as to rules & [indecipherable] for Boys & Factory.
as to Church lands – for 2 ½ years – to
retain patronage – reforms to [indecipherable, underlined]
from [indecipherable] & no paper [crossed out])

D. 1.
Is command to support the Chief Justice - by his [indecipherable] -

Endeavors to lower the Supreme Court in the esti–
mation of the public – [underlined] publication of Secy [Secretary] of States' letter
which led to libel in Australia
Illegality of this govt. notice throughout –
(a) see infra
Writes improper letters to Mr J Stephen – to provoke him,
& then writes to Engld. [England] to complain of him (a)
Fosters private complaints against him – openly coun–
–tenances the parties preferring such complaints –
altho' he had before, decidedly [indecipherable] it - case of [indecipherable]
Writes dictatorial letters to the C.J. [Chief Justice] in the performance
of his duty –
– improper letters in a private form – to influence
– his opinions –
Reports agt [against] C.J. countenanced by Gov.
Attempt [crossed out word] to identify the judges with the news–
papers, in order to bring them into distention
with H. M. Government

C. 2
[words crossed out] Executive Council – intentions of H.M. in
creating – Governor's [indecipherable] on assigning[?] govt –
Never consulted except to back him in some
acts of [crossed out word] an illegal and unpopular nature,
for which he may shift the responsibility off his own
shoulders - e.g. the case of Sudds the soldier, in
which the Govr. [who was the accused crossed out] set himself
at the Head of the Council - himself the accused
party – & calling before him for examination
officers who held their places at his nod – &
allowing such officers to be bullied [underlined] & accused of paying [underlined] by
the Col. Secy, because they did not say what he wished [all underlined] & McIntyre
sent from Sydney to Moreton Bay -
Makes noise for distribution of land, without
their sanction [underlined] - altho' his [indecipherable] only are
- the [indecipherable] him to grant land, with their advice [underlined] -
Gives orders for occupations to such as he pleases, without committing them.
The Confirmation Reports [indecipherable] of [indecipherable] land for two years [underlined].
under pretence that the land is not in condition to be assigned
altho' the survey of these counties completed six
months – [crossed out word] Letter of Corporation to him[indeciperable]

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