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may not be exactly true. I at least don't
love you because of the beatings, but I
seem to in spite of them. So I can't obey
you when you command me not to love
you anymore. I'm sorry, but I can't help it
I realize that according to all authorities
no woman should ever allow her lover
to be sure of her love if she wishes to
keep his; here again I fail. I am George
Washington's descendant, to my own grief.

I came home from L.A. today and
found two letters which lightened the
atmosphere considerably for me.
One was written June 10th, one June 13th
I can't and won't tell you how horribly
miserable I have been inside about
your other letter -- until today. When I
awoke this morning, I knew it was
all right. And then I came home
and found your letters. Don't feel badly
that you wrote what you did. If you
felt that way, you are not to blame
for expressing it. Only, there were fourteen
days for me between the receiving of
your June 9th and June 10th letters. And
my dear, once and for all, understand

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