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The cost of the buses for
a two hour ride about the
university & environment
will be $5.00. There will be
two buses each accommodating
five persons and a driver.
They are thru seated
surreys. One of the boys &
myself will probably
drive you about. If you
intend to visit the Museum
it will cost each of you
$.25. Students are admitted
free. Do you care to visit the museum?
As for luncheon. Bring-
ing a basket lunch in
from the least of you unto
the greatest.

Your railroad fare
round trip to Palo Alto for
Saturday will be $150.
You and Aunt Ruby will
have to purchase round
trip tickets to Redwood
good from Saturday to
Sunday (inclus.) & from
Redwood purchase single
trip tickets to Palo Alto.
The round trip ticket to Palo
Alto does not permit a
stop-over at Redwood.

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