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Bishop of Oxford's

All these

I have a trunk with

1. Two lids

2 Two caps

3. Two musical instruments

4. Two established measures

5. A number of things a carpenter cannot
do without

6. I have always about one
a couple of good fish

7. A great number of smaller ones

8. Two lofty trees.

9. fine flowers.

10. The fruit of an indigenous plant

11. Two playful animals

12. A number of smaller and
less tame breed

13 A fine stag

14 A great number of whips
without handles.

15 Some weapons of warfare

16 A number of weather cocks

17 The steps of a hotel

18 The house of Commons on the Eve
of a division

19 Two student & a number of Spanish
grandees to wait upon them

20 A wooden box

21 Two fine buildings

22 The product of a camphor and
caoutchouc tree

23 Two beautiful phenomena

24 A piece of money

25 An article used by Titan.

26 A kind of boat in which balls are held

An article used crossing rivers.

A fine pair of blades without handles

Part of a carpenter's implement.

A letter finished off with bows.

Secure fastenings for the whole

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