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Read upon the Opening of the Sandy Spring Lyceum.
By Sarah Briggs Stabler.

We've met at last within these walls,
And hail the hour with gladsome hearts!
Although we've built no marble Halls,
It matters not to nobler arts!

Here in these woodlands we have reared
A structure suited to the scene;
And Science' star has now appeared
Above our vales and walks serene.

By toil we've gained enough to feed
These bodies, soon to pass away;
Our minds immortal now find need
Of higher sustenance than they.

In yon log school-house, years ago,
Our fathers taught, our fathers learned;
In yon old grave-yard, lying low,
The senior forms to dust have turned!

But if their souls look downward now,
I fain would think they smile to see
The kindling eye! th' expanding brow!
The thirst to know! the joy to be!

A thirst not bounded by the rates
Attached to gain—on Mammon bent,
A joy that swells above the Fates,
Above all time and each event.

Let us, my friends, devote our Hall
To worthy uses of the mind;
If Science comprehend them all,
Then say for Science 'twas designed.

We have our Schools for early youth,
Houses of Worship when we will,
But this for Scientific truth
We've built—we'll dedicate—and fill.

Here let Philosophy recount
Its wondrous secrets to the ear,
And through its aid let students mount
To knowledge of each rolling sphere;

Dive in the earth for many a gem,
Not for a sordid, mean abuse,
But that their souls may look through them
To first beginnings—holiest use.

Here let the Orator profound
Delve in the deepest mine of thought—
Here lesser lights diffuse around
The rays with milder beauty fraught.

Here let not Satire plunge its dart
With poison tipped, to rankle long,
Here Truth still act its honest part
By proof of right, to banish wrong.

E'en by this building we have shown
Our aspirations reach more high
Than aught that we before have known,—
Excelsior! then be our cry!

Here long may sages lessons teach,
And here the young their questions bring;
Perchance far higher points we'll reach
From these old woods of Sandy Spring.

Sandy Spring, 2d mo. 16th, 1859.

Wiley Printer, Baltimore.

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