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Mother and Lucy went to Aunt Sally's after supper.

A clear hot day; father went to Laurel for sister. James
and Margaret here after supper: father at the store in the afternoon.
Joe went to Charlie Stablers after supper, on his way to Annapolis.

Clear mornng: some rain in the afternoon: Uncle Tom and
Debbie here to dinner; father at work on the Baltimore road:
Jordan here to supper; cousin Edith and Helen came whilst
we were at supper; cousin Edith eat with us. Helen had been
to supper.

A clear warm day: Lucy and sister and Walter went to Warwick
Millers; Father at Ashton in the afternoon on business: Joe got home
about 9 o clock: he and Charlie and Robert Stabler went to Annapolis
and back yesterday, to see the Great Eastern.

A warm day: father on the road Baltimore road all day:
Margaret and Kate here to supper; Aunt Nancy and Fannie
Gilpin here after supper; also Frank and Carrie Miller, and
Henry Hallowell.

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"Warwick P. Miller" home on north side of present-day New Hampshire Ave. and Spencerville Road (Rt. 198) (Martenet and Bond's 1865 map of Montgomery County, Maryland). Asa, Calbeb, R.M., and Fred Stabler at west end of Spencerville.


Fascinating reference to the Great Eastern. It toured as a curiosity at this time, having largely failed as a viable prospect as a passenger ship