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5th month 1870 181

5th 26 Wm and self plowing corn in
morn. Father replanting afternoon
Wm replanting, Father away
& I plowing potatoes. Andrews
father came for him. Cloudy
wind from East. Rose had colt

6th 27 [no entry]

6th month 1870

7th 4
Wm cutting the yard I went over to
Sam Hopkins on Rose.*

7th 18 We have had two or three weeks of
cloudy rainy weather and we have
been prevented from doing much
farm work. This afternoon I
cut about three acres of grass
in the 16 acre field.

1st 19 Father and self went meeting
in carriage. I went to Richard
Lees with Charlie Brooke from
there to Wm Thomas to see Mrs
Johnson Kelly.

2nd 20 All hands in the 16 acre hay field

3rd 21 All hands including H Baker in same

4th 22 All hands not including H Baker in same
also my man John --

5th 23 All hands doing same

6th 24 We finished this field all to one load

7th 25 John & Andrew in garden Wm plowing
potatoes. J & A plowing corn afternoon

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This represents the final page of RHM's diary, which he finishes in somewhat of a hasty scrawl. There follows a gap of 9 pages in the document before text resumes on #190