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10th month 1869

7th 2nd Ben Jacob & self hawled in load
of potatoes, Kiah tended Fair
till 10 AM. when the latter left
he & Jacob then picked up potatoes
till dinner. We also hawled
in a load of pumpkins
Jacob left at dinner. as it was
raining. Father & Mother & Marny
started for Alexandria at 1 PM
Kiah cut wood till 4 PM when
he & Ben picked up Apples.
I went out gunning. Killed
3 Flickers. Foggy & rainy up
to 3 PM when sun came out very
warm. Alice Brook Frances Stabler
& Edwd Farquhar to tea & stayed
all night.

1st 3rd Raining fast all day. I
reading and sleeping.

2nd 4th Ben Jacob & self hawling in potatoes
Fair came at dinner. Jacob tended
him after dinner. Ben & self
hawled in load of potatoes & load
of apples. also of stone after
dinner. Father & Mother back from Alex

3rd 5th Fair & son here Father tended him
Ben & self hawled stone & sand
before dinner Jacob cut corn.
Kiah helping Father. after dinner Ben
& self picked apples. 8 Bbles Clear.

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A Flicker is a type of woodpecker