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9th month 1869

2nd 13th Went on errands for Mother in morn
after dinner picked potatoes. Had
dance in eve etc etc. Kiah here
all the week.

3rd 14th I picked up potatoes till 9.30 PM
when I got team ready & took the
young ladies down to the [Pawturent ?]
on pick nick. had quite a nice time
Father helping with potatoes till
dinner after which he fixed cidar

4th 15th Helped with potatoes till 10 AM
when Ben talked [impudent?]. I went
on errand after that. Clara Genie
Nellie & Carrie at the Lyceum till
dinner when the three former came
home. I took Clara back. helped
fix up the tables outside the
building. [4?] Men at potatoes all
day. In the evening ''talked and
walked'' Clara & Genie heard that
they had to come home, the last of week

5th 16th I went over to Clendenens after meat
then picked apples. Father took
things up to Lyceum for exhibition
Men at potatoes. After dinner we
all went up to Fair. There was a
splendid display of fruit & vegetables.
Had several speeches at the last.
Charlie Kirk & Brother & Willie Hartshorne
here after tea. Last evening with girls. *

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Name of picnic location on line 10 needs checking by someone with local knowledge please. It has occurred previously somewhere in the diary and I got the impression it might be a river?