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8th month 1869

7th 21st I went up to Ashton to get my shoes
mended. Father sick. Ben hawling
sand in morning after dinner
cut wood till 4PM when he got
ready for camp. I wormed peach
trees and went to Uncle Bobs to
club in eve. After tea Clara gave
me a dancing lesson. Quite a
large cloud in the west in eve
but it all went round to South
Everything suffering for rain as
it has been for a month past.
[in margin: Thermometer 98]

1st 22 Ben had horses & wagon
at Camp. None of us at

2nd 23 Ben & self cleaning out the sink
Father Gray & brother fixing up the
cidar mill. paid Gray $4.25.
Ben & self went to woods & got a
poplar pole for trough. got it
hewed out in the evening.

3rd 24 I waiting on Mother Father & Ben
hawling wood at 11AM we measured
up 11.30 bushels of wheat which I
took down to Burnt Mills & got $1.45
brought back 8 bushels of feed.
as we came up in the evening we saw
a splendid meteor. Ben cutting wood
Prevokingly clear.

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Hello fellow transcriber - I hope you like this diary as much as I do! I'm pretty familiar with the handwriting and regularly-used names by now, so will go through your pages and complete, where I can. Do you think you could use HTML mark-up for superscript, underlining, deleting etc as I have throughout? This will give a consistent and far more readable transcript for the museum eventually. Best wishes, and enjoy!