Club Minutes: Mutual Improvement Association, 1927



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The Chair appointed Sadie Adams to write a suitable memorial for our late member Pattie Farquhar, this to be brought in at the next meeting.

The meeting adjourned. All enjoyed a walk around the grounds of Sharon Cottage and Sharon--and then did full justice to a delicious supper served by a bevy of a young women.

Margaret Elgar Sherman Jones, Secretary.

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"PLAINFIELD" August 4th 1927 841st Meetng

The 841st meeting of the Mutual Improvement Association was held at Plainfield 8-4-1927.

Hallie Bentley called the meeting to order at half past three o'clock.

The minutes of the last meeting at this place were read - and the minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted. Both sets of minutes were read by Mary F. Green as the Secretary, Margaret Jones, believes in letting the young people have a share in the responsibity.

The Treasurer, Mary Tilton, reported as follows: Balance on hand $7.90 Dues paid 1.25 $9.15 Paid Travelers Aid 5.00 Bal on hand 8/1 $4.15 Received for Social Service League $29.75.

Next place of meeting The Cedars with Amy and Elise Hutton at the regular time.

Sentiment of the hostess, Margaret Moore; "They conquer who think they can. He has not learned the lesson of life who does not each day surmount a fear."

Miss Mary Davis told of some of her experiences in Canterbury Cathederal, and in London.

Mary Green gave some worthwhile sentiments; "That was excellently observed, say I when I read a passage in an author, where this opinion agrees with mine" Swift. "We taste our intellectual pleasure twice and with the result when we taste it with a friend." Hawthorne. "When you ask yourself what to do, take counsel with your courage; when you ask yourself how to do it, take counsel with your caution."

"All who joy would win Must state it - happiness was born a twin." Byron

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Edith Green was too hoarse to give her contribition so she was excused.

Miss Jean Fawcett said she had wondered what was the good work of the Association - but she had discovered it by the meeting.

Amy Hutton read of Riverside Village in Gloucestershire from the Landmark.

Elizabeth Stabler a poem "What can I do".

[clipping] For Friends' Intelligencer and Journal WHAT CAN I DO? What can I do, what can I do, To help in the world as I go journeying through? The great round world with its oceans and lands, The world that is asking for care at our hands, The old, old world, to each comer so new - What can I do? What can I do?

What can I write, what shall I say To aid the next traveler coming this way, In the old, old path so many have gone And left kindly tokens to help us along? I wish to help others in just the same way; So what shall I write? What shall I say??

Do with thy strength, do with thy might The work that lies nearest 'twixt morning and night The talents entrusted thee strive to increase, Lest they rust in thy coffers and rob thee of peace. The pathway of duty keep ever in sight, Then work with thy strength, work with thy might.

Write what thou mayest - say what thou must - A song for the weary, a prayer of trust, Whatever good earnestly done in thy day Must help the next traveler coming thy way. To the thirsty a drop, to the starving a crust, Give what thou mayest - leave it in trust. L.W.W. Newton, Pa.

Mary Robison, "The King Counts his Pennies" Showing that even royalty must be economical.

Elise Hutton Article from Harpers condemning rode-side signs. Question. How can dahlias and cannas be kept during the winter? Dig, dry out and store in the cellar.

Anna Nesbitt - an experience with a Scotchman who was very ignorant of America. Extracts from how Woolworth turns nickles and dimes into millions, - a well organized business.

Mary Brooke read of the oldest American Flag in existance - carried by Maryland troops in several wars and now in the State House at Annapolis.

Lucy McReynolds told that this lovely weather is typical Oklahoma winter weather.

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Stella Moore an editorial from the Evening Star refuting the idea of another war.

Mary Nichols--Our flag was first called "Old Glory" by Captain Driver in 1831.

Estelle Moore--a sample of American News as might be had in Chinese newspapers.

Marianna Miller read from the old minutes both of meetings at Fair Hill, Ashland, and Plainfield in 1868. Question. Who has jurisdiction over the Sandy Spring Library? General opinion was that it would be a good plan to move the books to the Lyceum which is being used for First Day School. ( Look up minutes of meeting at Plainfield 1883.)

Emily Massey--a poem from the White Ribbon Herald "God will make his dream come true."

Lucy Moore asked how to get rid of fleas? "Black Flag"--burn s ulphur--Use lime--chloride of lime--whitewash.

Alice Farquhar told of her trip to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

Rebecca Stabler read from Poems of Pleasure by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Margaret Jones exhibited a book of poems which had been sent her as a Commencement present by our friend Miss Annie M. Wilson.

Hallie Bentley read some of Edgar A. Gurst's poems--relating to "Tonsils", "Neck and Ears" and Mother's pocket-book.

Those without contributions were:--Rebecca Miller, Hallie Lea, Miss Sullivan, and Mrs. Simmonds.

Mary Tilton reported for the Social Service League. No other standing committees had reports.

County Federation.--A communication from Miss Annie Wilson asking that some member of the Association write a One-act play. No action taken.

No report from State Federation.

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Grandmother Brooke said one time, when a heavy rain came on Father's oats and hay, which was all cured, and ready to haul in, "these are the little adverse circumstances to which we are obliged to submit, and might as well do so patiently endeavoring always to fix our minds thankfully on the other side, where our blessings are arrayed and ought to claim our deeper stronger feelings and consderation.


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