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Helen Hallowell - Conserving Forests. Camp cities should be
examined and improved.

Estelle T. Moore an interesting article by Bruce Barton, do
not neglect the present help. Rembrant, the great artist, was so little
appreciated during his life, he was sold out by his creditors.

Miss Mary Gipin's article told of effort being made to save
the Franconia Notch.

Mrs. Coulter' article about Improving the Speaking-voice
was full of good points. The only musical instuments God made should receive
careful cultivation and care. Henry Ward Beacher spent hours each day practicing
the use of his voice.

Marianna Miller continued her reading of the first minutes of
the Association, giving us those of Cherry Grove, Bloomfield, and The Cedars
of the year 1869.

No chairman of Education to report.

Helen Hallowell American Home chairman had no information.

Mary Tilton, Social Service Chairman, reported 167 familes
needing help and spoke of Christmas donations.

Marianna Miller, Resolutions, reported that all such should
be in by March 1st.

Under new business we were told to look to the merits of the
Kapper-Ketchum Bill.

Report from Fed. Clubs, by Marianna Miller, who spoke of the
Red Cross Drive for 3,000 members. We were asked to speak a good word for
Mrs. Sippel as Pres of the General Fed. of Clubs.

The Wednesday Club announces a Card Party on Dec. 14th, at
Olney Inn, proceeds for Social Service Fund.

It was decided to Make Stella Moore and Mary Robison Associate

E. T. Stabler read extracts from a letter from Ethel Adams

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