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Mrs. Massey's selection was to the effect that "Happines is
thinking interesting thoughts." Interesting thoughts are an antedote to
pessimism and many forms of unhappiness. Mrs. Massey wants to know what to
do with old Christmas Cards? Make scrap books.

Rose Gilpin read "And the Cock Crew" telling of old Christmas
legends - some dating from King Arthur's time. The tree as German custom.
Crandall of London responsible for first XMas Cards. Mrs. Gilpin also read
a cute poem entitled, "Mother Knows".

Mrs. John Janney told interesting stories of the Mississippi
flood. An old colored woman when told by the Dr. she must be vaccinated in
her own precinct exclaimed, "Lord, Dr! - and all dese white foks is vaccinated
on da arms! " One invalid needing milk had a cow brought up on the porch,
next into the house, and finally to the 2nd floor.

Mary Robison told us no girl could be graduated from Miss
Chandlee's school in Alexandria, Va. unless she could recite"The Rime of the
Ancient Mariner" and she read extracts of same.

Helen Moore says William has 25 Hydrangea plants for sale.
Will anyone offer to keep her big ferns for a while?

Stella Moore told of using a soap shaker to feed birds. Hang
in a tree or on a ine, it is most attractive when filled with pea-nuts or
suet. English sparrows will not patronize a swinging food tray. A half
cocoanut is better than suet.

Mrs. Bancroft's selection told of present methods of election
in Italy under Musellini.

Edith B. Thomas gave extracts from diary of Wm. John Thomas.
"Cut wheat in morning, married Rebecca in afternoon." Quick work! She wanted
to know if all English walnut trees will bear nuts?

Anna Nesbitt read of wonderful Museum in Toledo Ohio.

E. T. Stabler announced an exhibition of copies of famous
pictures at Sherwood December 12th and 13th. Proceeds for pictures in the

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