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Mrs. Alcock, President of the State Federation, hopes we would
take her into our Circle. She thought the women of the Association must have
a wonderful backing and asked how we had kept together so many years.

Helen Hallowell read from a pamphlet she had found at Yearly
Meeting concerning compulsory Military Training in so many schools.

Alice Farquhar, an interesting article of the launching of the
first Iron Steamboat invented by Captain John Elgar in York Pa. 101 years ago.

Elise Hutton - an amusing account of the trials of an artist.
Question: What is the price of old hams? Sixty cents per pound.

Mrs. Hax - expressed appreciation at being with us and told two

Amy Hutton read of an old man who had a cinder in his eye and
when the Hospital failed him, a lady on the street removed it with a handkerchief and a
lead pencil.

Emily Massey - In the future one of the many new wonders will be
that our houses will be wired for music by telephone.

Mrs. Brown urged us to help with the Endowment Fund of the
State Federation.

Mary Robison felt so disappointed and down cast to find that
the Association is not the oldest Society of Woman's Club in the Uniited States.

Lettie Farquhar: Does a Lemon Vervena have to be kept in the
cellar in winter? No. It can be kept in the room with other plants,

Mrs. Henry Howard, a clipping which prophesied that before very
long, men would be carrying vanity cases and women wearing trousers.

Margaret Moore: - a sketch of the romance of Annie Laurie who
was born December 16th, 1683, the graceful blue-eyed daughter of Sir Robert
Laurie of Dumfrieshire, Scotland. The music and words of the song are by
Lady John Scott.

Helen Moore, several jokes.

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