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November 3rd, 1927
844th Meeting.

The 844th meeting of the Mutual Improvement Assocation met
on 11-3-1927 at The Briers, the home of Margaret Jones. If the Sec'y is not
allowed to write of the delicious luncheon served she will mention the beautiful
dahlias that decorated the tables and the whole house.

The meeting was called to order by Margaret Bancroft, and
Edith Green was asked to serve as Secretary in place of the Hostess.

The minutes of the last meeting at this place were read, and
the minutes of the last meeting read and approved.

Mary Tilton gave the Treasurer's report;
Balance forward
for Social Service $31.75
for Social Service 5.00
Total $36.75
Paid out
Social Service 35.00
Bal 1.75

Balance on hand in club account $12.90

No receipts or disbursments in this account.

The next meeting of the Assocaiton will be held at The Maples.

The Sentiment of the Hostess:
"When you are right, stand up for it,
No matter if the Heavens fall,
If you lose every friend you have,
God will raise up others who will be better."

Mary Brooke, a joke, How a Professor found a new use for the
word "But".

Anna Nesbitt, read of two little glands in our bodies which
keep the heart and other muscles alert and rule the human traits.

Mary Nichols read an article from the Mentor telling of the
treasurers and antiques of the Wayside Inn recently acquired by Henry Ford
who does not wish it to be museum but a place of cheer and hospitality.

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