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Lucy Moore said she had second hand air-tight stoves and a
sausage grinder for sale. She told of selling white pine seedlings 2 to 6
feet tall.

Fanny Iddings read some more of the very interesting old
letter written by her grandmother in 1817.

Mary Brooke's sentiment "Thank God every morning that you
have something to do, and must do it." Question. Are keifer pears scarce?
Yes? Alice Tuson has some to give away.

Amy Hutton - the collapse of a modern parent who was beaten
by the experts.

Mary Magruder told several jokes.

Miss Ball's selection "The Pessimist".

Elizabeth Stabler - an article on the extent of Motor Bus
Service, also one on the Grape Cure. She made an appeal for clothing to send
to Leland Mississippi, and announced that the sewings will start soon.

Alice Tyson told a good joke on herself, her nephew telling
her "Thee'd have made a grand mother for boys".

Ethel Adams spoke of the usefulness of many birds, and of the
mocking bird fighting away the sparrows and starlings. She has two new tires
on hand, one of which she will sell for $6.00.

Margaret Moore brought love from Estelle Moore, and thanks for
the note sent her by the Association. --(Mary Magruder brought a message from
Mary Scott who sent her love and said they were very comfortably situated.)
Her selection was an article on Lindburg, who had done more than will ever be
known. He has shown us that we are better morally and spiritually than we
had thought.

Rebecca Stabler -- on speaking gently-- All should cultivate
plaeasant voices and manners.

Elise Hutton read of the work and money put in Sunday Editions
of newspapers. Question: What is the appearance of a copper-head snake?
The answers to this question confirmed her opinion that the snake she had
met and killed was really a copper-head.

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