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Marianna Miller read from the second volume of minutes of
the meetings at Alloway, Plainfield, and Lea's Mills in 1867.

Huldah Janney contributed a joke about a man who came home late.

Estelle T. Moore told of the work of a Joint Committee on work
for Delinquents, urging that time and thought should be used to form
public opinion for good reforms--and illustrated with the story of the
"Bobbed-haired- Bandit." She was advised to plough her garden at the
first opportunity.

Rebecca Miller told of the excellent work being done at Miss
Reinhardt's School for Deaf Children at Kensington. Question--Why is
sausage sometimes very good and at other times hard? It was suggested t
that the quality of the meat might make the difference.

Alice Farquhar gave an amusing character sketch from her own experience.

Mary Reading Nichols told of a home for the blind in Georgetown.

Margaret Bancroft told of "Stark Loa" a movie made in the
Kentucky Mountains.

Rebecca Stabler's article "If Youth But Knew" which suggested
that "No" can be changed to "Yes", but "yes" once said is final.

Hallie Bentley's selection pictured the joys of a work-worn
wife who was in a hospital where she could have everything she needed without
any effort on her own part.

Fanny Iddings read part of a letter of her Grandmother's telling
of a trip to this country in 1817.

Helen Shoemaker wanted to know if anyone has a hot water
heater that is satisfactory--Huldah Janney and Katherine Adams both have
very satisfactory ones.

Ethel Adams told of a novel way of planting potatoes--plant
very shallow and cover with leaves or straw--and do not work at all.

Helen Hallowell told of the plan for a colored High School in
the County with accomodations for about fifty boarding students.

Mary Titlon suggested that Sallie Adams have a "Chauffeur"

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