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Ingleside” 3.13.1914.

On 3-13-1914 the Asso. met for the first time
with Fanny B. Snowden in the home-like living-room
at Ingleside. We have all heard of “additions that
were not improvements”, but such could never be
thought when sunshine and space were doubled
in an apartment used daily. Guests were, Ellen
Stabler, Annie F. and Eliza Brooke, Margaret B.
Magruder, Helen R. Shoemaker, Emma E. Bond,
Mariana S. Miller, Miss Covington, and Estelle T.
Moore, Jr. As there were no “previous
minutes” to be read, the Sec. offered those of a
meeting held at the home of Deborah A. Lea in 1859,
which bear a strong family resemblance, in the char-
acter of subjects considered, to those of all the 55
springs between then and 1914.

The question of enlarging the list of members
to 25 members was considered, at first favorably,
and then, as there was objection on the part of
four members, it was tabled for the present. The
strongest argument in the affirmative side, seemed
to be that in the past 17 yrs. there had only
been one or two mtgs. When all the members
were present. Those absent from “Ingleside” were,
Eliz. C. Davis, Alice Tyson, Edith Hallowell, Sarah F.
Willson, Eliz. T. Stabler, Ellen Farquhar, and
Sallie R. Janney. By request the names of
Hallie J. Bentley and Pattie T. Farquhar
were added to the waiting list. The sentiment
of our hostess was entitled “The Oil of Joy”. “Christ-
ianity wants nothing in the world so much
as sunny people, and the old are hungrier
for love than for bread. The oil of joy is very
cheap and if you can help the poor with a
garment of praise, it will be better for them
than blankets.”

Margaret B. Magruder gave two simple, and
she said excellent, methods of stopping holes
made in walls by rats and mice, and in
floors from shrinkage. – Take ½ " newspaper, soak
in 3 qts. water for 3 days, - then add 1 tbsp. of pwd.
alum and I qt. of wheat flour. Stir and boil until
like cake dough. – When cool use for floor cracks. Add
a liberal allowance of red pepper to what is need-
ed for rat holes. Newspapers if crumpled and

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