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56. (Pen-y-Bryn, con.)

pudding of, - 2 cups Graham flour mixed with
a cup of raisins, ½ cup molasses, 1 cup milk, ½
teaspoon each of soda and salt, to be put in a
baking-powder can, or two, and boiled in a
saucepan of water for 2 hrs. Be careful not to
fill the can to the top. Serve with a hot sauce
or sugar and cream. This excellent boiled pudding
can be made of dates or other fruits, raw or canned.

Margaret Bond asked how to make a mattress
out of a feather-bed, - it is a difficult task at home
but can be done very satisfactorily in the city.
Mrs. Fussell and Sarah F. Willson can answer the question.

Mary Bond’s selection was upon the importance
of courtesy in public vehicles and places by the employees
thereof. If no more, it is good business policy to
be polite. Anna M. Chandlee had a good short
poem by Leonardo Di Vinci upon “Perseverance”, -

“In facile nature’s fancies quickly grow,
But such quick fancies have but little root.
Soon the narcissus flowers and dies,
Not so the tree whose blossoms shall but slow mature to fruit.

Grace is a moment’s happy feeling, A life’s slow growth
And we for power, must strain and toil and weep and
Want for many an hour, if we
The perfect fruit of all we are would see.”

Harriet I. Lea’s offering was upon, “Keeping in
Circulation”, best things. “One good thought thus circulated
among 100 people amounted to far more
then 100 good thoughts in one brain.”

The Sec’y read an article written during the
“sorrowful sixties” by our former member, Mary M.
Miller, for the old, old Literary Society which met at
the Lyceum for several years. Warwick P. Miller and
wife had gone to the "Contraband Camp”, near Washington
in search of help, and though they could not persuade the
newly emancipated Negroes to come to them, the trip was
not wasted since it furnished a graphic acct. of these
grown children of color, who preferred to fall back on the
Government and crowd in small hovels, rather than go
to work in a new place. Adjourned to “Ingleside”.

Mary Bentley Thomas, Sec’y.

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