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a compositor.

Albina O. Stabler found much sympathy
in her woes over unsatisfactory paper on her walls
and the difficulty of removing the same. She
advised paint as a substitute.

Margaret Bancroft gave a sketch of the Sioux
Indians of South Dakota who are rapidly decreasing
in numbers though their reservation measures
100 miles in every direction from its center.

Emilie T. Massey gave from the ready pen
of Robert Steer, a plea for more kindness of feeling
toward our adopted citizens who form a large
percentage of our hard workers in many laborious
vocations. Unassimilated and unevangelized immigration
was thought to be one our greatest perils;
our population increased ¼ more in 1913 from this
source than ever before in its history. (Will the
asso. pardon its scribe if she add from memory
part of a speech once delivered by queenly Eliz Cady
Stanton before a Cong. Com. in the Capitol. She said,
“Gentlemen, I am old enough to be the mother of
any one of you, and for 40 yrs. I have been coming
here to ask Congress for the ballot. Is it right,
is it seemly I should still plead for what you
have freely granted the foreigner, the negro, and
the Indian, many of whom can neither speak nor
read our language?”)

Mary E. Gilpin told of a list published every Jan.
of those who have given for charity during the
past year in sums ranging from the dollar
of poverty to the millions of the wealthy.

She also read, “The Man at the Wheel,” who
advised a novice thus, “When you have a tow
be sure to keep your boat and your tow both
in line, and then power is not wasted.” The
principle may be applied happily in managing
a boy, it was stated.

Mary E. Thomas gave by request , her receipt
for nut bread, - 2 ½ cups of flour, which sift
2 teaspoons Baking powder and 1/3 cup sugar, add ¾
cup nuts and (1 teaspoon) salt, then beat one egg light, stir in 2/3
cup milk add to dry ingredients. Put in well greased
pan, allow to lighten 10 min. Bake 40 mins. in mod. oven.

We were also told how to make an excellent

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