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Sarah T. Miller’s selection was from “Friends
Intelligencer” as follows, in part, -
“Are you barrenly hurried and halted?
Are you pettily seized and assaulted?
Be a grub in the garden,
A blade in the sward;
Out of doors with you dig, dig in the yard,
There’s a blue sky above, and a firm earth below
And you’re sure of them both as you watch things grow.”

Eliza N. Moore took us back long ago
in a consideration of “The Beast”. Animals were
once held accountable for all misdemeanors as
men were; beaten, tortured and executed even,
when they had taken human life. It was
generally believed 300 yrs. ago, that they, as
well as birds and insects were under the influence
of evil spirits and were brought to
trial before courts. Mohammedans have always
thought their faithful animals here would
be admitted to Paradise with themselves, and the
American Indians have similar convictions
with regard to the “happy hunting grounds” of
their future existence.

2 ½ lbs. of wool bats were said to be
enough for a comfort. and a receipt for preserving
gooseberries given, 6 lbs. of fruit to 7 sugar.
Scald the “ with boiling water and let them
stand in it until cool, drain on a coarse cloth
all night, then boil with the sugar. When
clear they are done. All who have tasted
the result praise the article highly.

Quite a number had no contribution at
this mtg. Why may we all not put into
practice the excellent motto of “The Twaliffe
Club” of Balto. – From each according to her
ability; to each according to her need”?

Adjourned to the home of Sallie R. Janney

Mary Bentley Thomas, Secy

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