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flood swept regions of Ohio and Indiana was
especially valuable and prompt. They first
gave food and shelter to all who asked for it,
then gradually sifted out the people willing
to work, from the professional beggars. There are
now 4000 nurses ready to respond to a call
of the Red Cross, and the Society is absolutely
neutral, pledged to remain so even in the
event of a war between our country and another.

A question in regard to removing ink
stains was answered by recommending “The
H. H. Ink-Eradicator” procurable at Ashton.

Ellen Stabler read of a little girl who
on running noisily down a staircase was
sent back to “come like a lady”, which she
did quietly by sliding the banisters! A 2nd,
selection stated that some men who believe
they have far too great a load of responsibility
upon their shoulders are In reality bowed
down by self-conceit alone.

Virginia Steer brought a good little verse
entitled “Joy” – “Take joy home and make a
place for her in thy great heart,
And cherish her and give her time to grow.
Then will she come, and oft will sing to thee
When thou at working in the furrows,
Aye, or weeding in the sacred hours of dawn,
It is a comely fashion to be glad,
Joy is the grace we say to God.”

Sallie R. Janney read a sketch of Wm.
of Germany, known to some of his devoted
subjects as “Wm the Sudden” from his precipitancy
in Youth. He has been Kaiser for 25 yrs.
and although considered, for all the earlier
part of his reign, very warlike in nature,
Germany has enjoyed a grateful rest from
wars and rumors of wars.

Louisa T. Brooke’s offering lamented the
sensational, sketchy, unconnected character of
the contents of newspapers generally. Such reading,
(it cannot be termed literature) is especially
harmful to the Young student who finds the
daily Press anything but an invigorating
mental cold-water bath. A discussion of the

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