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Mary E. Gilpin gave us as sentiment for
the afternoon the following lines, -

“Not what we have, but what we use,
Not what we see, but what we choose
These are the things that mar or bless
The sum of human happiness.

Not what we take, but what we give,
Not what we pray, but as we live
These are the things that make for peace
Both now, and after time shall cease.”

Helen Stabler told us Pres. Wilson has shown
his determination to be governed by his own opinion
as to what it right, - he has already broken 16 precedents
from doing away with the Inaugural Ball,
to shaving himself.

Mary Hutton read us an article on “The
Cure of Forgetting,” which might have been more
discouraging to us had we not known already from
personal experience how little of what we read
stays with us, - “in 5 min. we forget 1/6 of what
we have read, and ½ is all we can hope under
the best conditions to remember.

Mary Jackson told us of 5 tons of Bibles
having been distributed by the Gideons in Wash.
170,000 Bibles, one having been put in each room
of the principal hotels there, before the Inauguration.

Mrs. Chas, Willson read a beautiful Easter poem
which refers to the finding of a little seed by Lord
Lindsay in the hand of an Egyptian mummy
where it had been deposited 20 centuries before.

“The shriveled hand is robbed at last
The seed is buried in the earth
When lo! the life long hidden there
With a glorious flower burst forth.
Just such a plant as that which grew
From such a seed when buried low
Just such a flower in Egypt bloomed
And died two thousand years ago.”

Mrs. Holtzman told us of an interesting and simple
process by which the figures in wall paper may

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