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(Norwood con). The Cedars.

We shall be interested to hear more of
this institution after it has been in operation
for a few years, certainly its aim is high
and its graduates will be able to earn their
livelihoods in many different avocations.

M. B. T. also called attention to Gov. bulletins
for the use of house-keepers and especially
helpful apparently to the women in the
country, - very few of the Asso. members
had ever asked for these gratuitous publications.

Adjourned to the home of Ellen Farquhar
on 4/31/1913. Mary Bentley Thomas, secy.

The Cedars 4-3-1913

4-3-1913 found us assembled at The Cedars
with Ellen Farquhar. Guests of the day
were Ellen Stabler, Eliza H. Brooke, Ind. Downey,
Margaret B. Magruder, Annie F. Brook, Eliz. Iddings,
Frances D. Stabler, Pattie T. Farquhar, Corrie M.
and Sadie P. Brooke.

A communication was read from the
N. S. A. asking that we petition Congress
and Pres. Wilson to grant Woman Suffrage.

A resolution was passed endorsing
the same and petition and letters have
been sent by the Secy. No reply was rec’d
from the White House, nor from Sen. Smith
but we think the following satisfactory
answer should be recorded here.

(copy). House of Representatives, U.S.
Wash. D.D.
April 8th, 1913

Mrs. Mary Bentley Thomas
Sandy Spring, Md
My dear Mrs. Thomas,

I have your very kindly letter of a
few days since, and appreciate the interest you
have in the very important subject you advocate.

While my work is along lines that completely
take my time and preclude me from undertaking
any leadership in such a widely important
reform as the suffrage for Woman amts.
to, my interest in the success of the movement

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