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12 (Norwood con)

in Balto. that night, but being near the
head of the class she gave her selection
saying she thought we were all familiar
with it possibly,-

"I do not ask for any crown
But that which all may win,
Nor power to conquer any world.
Except the world within
Be Thou my guide until I find,
Led by a tender hand,
Thy happy kingdom in myself
And dare to take command."

At this stage of the proceedings a
number of questions were asked those
who had attended the Suffrage Parade
or the Inauguration or both.

All seemed to agree that the former
was a wonderful and imposing spectacle
despite the bad order and lack of
control of the populace who were out
the ropes on Pa. Ave by 1000's.
The Police were much more active
and efficient on the 4th and there was
nothing but praise for the grand display
of fireworks at night. Many remained to
witness them and there must have been
nearly 200 people from S.S. in Washington
during the 2 days. The Secy said the
first woman in the Suffrage Parade was
from the neighborhood, and she carried
"not a flag, but the 'Flag", as declared
by herself, Edith B. Farquhar.

Fanny B. Snowden gave a paragraph
from Henry Van Dyke, who was thus honored
four times during the afternoon, threatening
to rival our old source of supply, Ella
Wheeler Wilcox. No 1 was as follows,

"Simplicity is less dependent upon external
things than we imagine; it can
live in broadcloth or homespun, it can eat
white bread or black, it is not outward but
inward. A gentle straightforwardness of action,
a kind sincerity of speech, these are marks
of the simple life which is within.

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