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(Magnolia con) Norwood 11

After some discussion it was resolved
to have our meetings on the first 5th day in
each month instead of the last.

A member expressed a strong desire
to be in Washington on both the 3rd + 4th of
March, and it seems probably we shall
be represented on both days.

Chas. E. Bond kindly exhibited an
iron heated by gasoline which seemed to
be well worth the sum of $5 00, as he assured
us 4 cts was the cost of keeping it hot
all day.

Adjourned to Norwood on 3-6-1913

(Afterwards 7th) Mary Bentley Thomas, Secy

Norwood 3-7-1913

On 3-7-1913 we assembled at Norwood
once more, the long interval between being
due to the ill health of our host, whom we
were glad to find very much like her old
hospitable self. Guests were, - Ellen Stabler,
Corrie M. Brooke, Cornelia, Hallie, Florence +
Mildred Bentley, Rebecca T. Stabler, Mary
Bird, and Stella T. Moore.

The foreword was brief and pithy
"Kindness is catching - if you go around
with a fully developed case your neighbours
will be sure to take it."

On being asked to tell us something
of her recent visit to N.Y. our hostess
amused us with a graphic description
of a new play, "The Poor Little Rich Girl",
whose wealth was nothing but chains
to her as it prevented her from having
any childhood or freedom of action.

Governesses, maids and guards were
finally dispensed with and their
victim regained her health and found
happiness in the country where she could
dance in the leaves to her heart's content.

Sarah J. Miller could only remain
with us a few hours as she was due

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