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"Longmead" - 12 mo. 6th, 1912

The 686th meeting of the Association
was held at "Longmead" on 12th mo 6th 1912.

A beautiful luncheon was served by
Lizzie Willson, Mary Muncaster and Anna
and Eliza Canby, after which in the absence
of Mary Bentley Thomas, Sarah J. Miller kindly
consented to preside, and called the mtg to order.

Mary E. Thomas was asked to serve as
Secy pro tem and she read the minutes of the
last meeting, at Roslyn, (which with slight
correction were approved) and then, those
of the meeting held at this place 1-5-1911.

Sarah H. Willson as hostess, was called on
first and responded with the following sentiment,
good for "EveryDay": "Write it in your heart that
every day is the best day in the year. No man
has learned anything rightly until he knows
that every day is doomsday." - Emerson

Sarah also read this extract of wisdom
from the essay of a little girl: "Men are
what women marry. They drink and smoke
and swear, but don't go to church. Perhaps
if they wore bonnets they would. They are
more logical than women and also more
zoological. Both men and women spring
from monkeys, but the women spring further
than the men."

Ellen Farquhar followed with an estimable
article from the Rural New Yorkers on "The
Child" which the Hope Farm man believes in,
and believes in giving a chance; another
selection from the same excellent paper
was to the effect that those who cannot
bring good cheer had better tarry a while
until they can drop their own burdens
for a time and so be better fitted to lighten
the load of others, sick or in distress.

For fear of shocking the Asso. Lizzie
Willson hesitated to give a little girls
original prayer which proved only amusing.

Mary E. Gilpin read "Opportunities in One

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