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aid for this truly charitable institution.

Ellen Farquhar gave some extracts from a
lecture by Mrs. Caroline H. Dahl upon the
history of Trancendentalism in New
England which she claimed stretched
from the time of Anne Hutchinson to
the death of Margaret Fuller. Mrs Dahl
pronounced a glowing eulogy upon the
lives & characters of both these remarkable
women. The secretary was reminded by this
of a piece of Louisa May Alcott in a
story where the scene is laid in a
"Community" she terms this experiment of
founding an impossible Arcadia "the
sowing of Transcendental wild oats."

Mary Willis Kirk read "The Buried Streamlet"

Margaret S. Hallowell had no contribution
& Sarah T. Miller had left hers at home.

Mary Pope, a visitor, read an amusing
letter from Oliver Wendell Holmes to
James T. Fields which brought out the
incident of a few years since, the
daughters of Dr. Holmes & Lucretia Mott
fell into a long conversation while travelling
side by side from Wash. to Phila.
& were mutually astonished at
each others personality only revealed
as they parted. A member, whose
name we omitted to note, told us
of the belated gift to the first girl

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