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on Dr. Greggs Discourse". He is pastor of
the Presbyterian Church Brooklyn and vicinity
paid a beautiful tribute to the society
of friends. Grace Harvey "Ring a Boy" a
cute little article for the young crusader
by Charles Dudley Garner. Eleanor Hough
"Some Rambling Thoughts" which was
very good taken from "The London
Telephone." Edith B. Farquhar as a
continuation of her mother's article gave us
a very interesting account of Mrs. Rorer's
mode of killing & preparing chickens, frying
oysters & a number of valuable links gain
by hearing her lecture. Martha Holland
an account of Miles Standish the
"Puritan Captain." Sallie Bond a poem
by Ella Wheerler Wilcox. Carrie L Brooke
" If I should die tonight" The author is
thought to he Henry Ward Beecher. Albina O. Stabler
about happiness and another article "Five
Generations" by Marietta Holly. Ellen Farquhar
two verses by Edward Ferris's daughter Kitty
Ferris and she proposed the name of
Eliz. C Davis as a member with which
the meeting approved and Ellen Farquhar
was asked to inform her of the fact.

Sarah T. Miller gave a sketch of Rose
Hardwicke Thorne who wrote the
immortal " Curfew Shall not Ring tonight"

S. L. Thomas " The Difference Between

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