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Pleasant Grove, March 26. 1896

There was quite a full attendance
of members of the Association
together with a number of
visitors at the home of
Martha Holland on this pleasant
spring day. After enjoying much
social converse and a bountiful
dinner we commenced the
exercises by reading the minutes
of the last meeting. Ellen Farquhar
acting as Sec. for the day.
Our hostess gave the following

" Every beautiful good and pure thought
which the heart holds, is an angel
of mercy purifying and guarding the
soul". Hallie Bentley read an
exceedingly pretty poem "The Carpet
Weaver" by Fannie Iddings.

Miss Mary Colt followed with
the travels of Miss Mary Green - a
doll which had been forwarded
by mail from Mass to the Pacific
Coast over various parts of the
continent for amusement.

Jane T Porter gave one of her
characteristic selections making up
in quality for deficiency in quantity

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