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October 5th, 1927.

On Tuesday September 6th. THE HORTICULTURAL
SOCIETY of Sandy Spring met at the very attractive
"new" Invercauld. It is certainly a living example
of what can be done with an open Field, lots of
work and sunshine. We met on the lawn, and while
the trees do not cast much shadow, the house did
and everyone enjoyed the entirely "Al Fresco"

The meeting was called to order at the regular
time, by our President, when the minutes were
read and adopted.

Neither of the readers being present at
this time, Cousin Anne Farquhar read from the
Washington Star and article on roses. Our Government
breeds roses for it's people, each year giving us
one or two new rases. The article told further
the story of the Van Fleet Rose, the dainty climber
that has transformed many an humble dwelling
and hidious garage into bowers of fragrant lovliless
each spring.

Cousin Mary Stabler suggested that we
look further into the Garden Club proporsition.
Mrs. Tilton was to have done this and The Sec'ty.
was asked to remind her of it.

Francis Stabler, a guest, was our Assistant
Secretary, and the lists werequite bewildering.
We were reminded of the farmer who said, "We farmers
are not making a fortune but we can always eat."

Mrs. Weld then read an article which was
especially interesting in the absence of our
Forethoughtful Lady. This is the time, apparntly to do
anything you have time to do, put out perennials,
and biennials, transplant, etc..

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