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H/8/1927 -2.


Mr. Bancroft wants to put up gate posts
about ten feet from the big maple tree at the
entrance. His question was whether or not it
would kill the tree. Most people thought it would not.

Several people have had trouble with their
tomatoes dry rotting.

Let lima beans dry on the vines, pull up, vine
and all, allow to dry a while longer, then thresh
with a flail

Plant celery now and on to the middle of

The next meeting of the Society will be
at Invercauld, on Sept. Sixth. to Supper. Mrs. Weld
and Mr. Bancroft being the appointed readers.

After the delightful meeting which was
greatly enhanced by the several guests, we adjourned
to look over the Place. Perfect? Well We
had thought it was, but the mere mention of the
old brick gate posts made us realize that Mr. Bancroft
is just one jump ahead of us. But I do not think
that anyone could improve on the garden, surrounded
by it's gorgious old box, gaurded by that old sentinal
linden, and filled with a riot of color, and
so of-course beauty.

Mary Reading Nichols

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