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AUGUST. 2nd. 1927

THE HORTICULTURAL met on July 5th.
at The Maples, when Anna Farquhar was asked to
act as Secretary.

Dr. Nichols after a few remarks as to
how easy it is to find a suitable article to read to
THE HORTICULTURAL. He read "Memorial Trees", an
interesting article about the beauty and suitable-
ness of using Trees as memorials to our Men who
fell in France. Then he gave a little talk on
the interest we all have for a tree that Father
planted, or some other member of the family, or
which was planted to celebrate some special per-
sonal event. The article he read "How and when to
prune" told us nothing, as he told us it would not.

Marianna Miller read "growing
Flowers from seed." An interesting article, a
story of the hand polonizing of Petunias and of
much careful work to keep the species true; Sav-
enty-five percent of the world mustard crop is
raised in a California valley. Also She read of
the man Herbert J. Brown, who had predicted a
heartless summer, of which she read two years ago.
He claims 100% true predicitons, but will only
predict to his subscribers.

Lillie Stabler read of the lovely
Magnolia gardens at Charleston S.C which
first planted The Azealeas Three hundred years
ago, which have made the place so famous.

Forthought advises frequent water-
ing and working at this season of the year.

A compost frame made of woven wire is better than

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