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with 1,420 chickens which took us over the top
by 1,245.

Of course the June Flowers, reported by the
Assistant Secretary were lovely, and in spite of the
late spring the showing of fruits and vegetables
was very fine, with, yes we will have to confess
a few of last years apples.

Cousin Marianna Miller and Helen Hallowell
were named to draw up resolutions of love and re-
spect in the death of our Miss. McKay. A Copy of
these resolutions were ordered sent to Mrs. Dean.


it was suggested that cucumbers planted in
a row are very satisfactory.

Move Asparagus in the early spring, or in
the fall, after the plants are dormant.

If you have rats, get lots of cats, do not
feed and pamper them, but let them hunt for a

peonies moved as late as Nov. may bloom
the following year.

Plant Dakota Potatoes the last of June.

The July Meeting will be held at The Maples
with Cousin Marianna, and Father as Readers.

We were glad to have Douglas and Helen Farquhar
andMr. Weld with us for the first time. our
new members are a great addition to our Society, and
we hope they will be able to attend the meetinfs reg-

It. was interesting, as always, to see the
garden from whence come such fine vegetables and
flowers. Everything was beautiful, and of one thing
we feel very sure, the beets and onions won't give

Mary Reading Nichols,
Mary Reading Nichols. Sec'ty.

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