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JUNE 7th.

On tuesday May third THE HORTICULTURAL
met with Miss. Mary Brooke and Mrs. Green at beau-
tiful old Falling Green. The minutes were read and
adopted. Mr. Richard Iddings thanked the Society
for making him an honarary member, and ussured us
he would be with us whenever possible.

Cousin Cornelia, our first Reader, read
of The Resurrection Plant, which belongs to that
mysterious family, The Cactus.

Cousin Corrie Brooke read for Mrs. Massey,
"How to plant a Rose Bush" . "The Cabbage that trav-
eled afar", and "Science finds a lost tree in
Washington". The story of a tree long lost to Science
one of which has been found in Chevy Chase Circle.
This article and the one on Roses has been mounted
in the Scrap Book.

Mrs. Harry Stabler, one of our new
members, read an article on Roses. If you want your
Roses to Retain their deep lovely color, work iron
shavings around the roots.

The Poultry roll call showed 2,154
chickens, 1510 more than last year, nearly all of
these, at least 1420 of them belonging to our new
members Mr. and Mrs. Weld.

The assistant Secretary told of very
good exhibits, especially for so late a season.

Forethought, Mrs, Tilton was not present
but sent her memoranda by the Sec'ty. ie.,
I. Undesised roots starting from lilacs should be
out off below the ground line.

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