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when the meeting was held a week later in the month.

The names of the new members were
coted on Overlook, Mr. and Mrs. Weld and Mr. and
Mrs. Hagerman. The Horticultural is very pleased
to have these folks among us and the secretary
was asked to cast the ballot. It was also sug-
gested that Helen and Douglas Farquhar be asked
to retain the Cedars membership. Mr. Richard
sent in his resignation by the Secretary,
who was directed to write asking him to become
an honorary member- and attend mettings whenever
possible. Also a note of resignation from London
derry a sincere regret eas expressed, but the re-
signation was accepted.

It was decided to postpone the read
ing of the Consitution and By-laws until the
May meeting when the new members will all be with
us we hope.

The plaves of meeting for 1927 were read as fol-
lows;..........May ........ Falling Green
June.........The Maples.
August......Brooke Grove.
Oct...........Not arranged.

The Treasurer reported a balance
of twenty cents. It was suggested that twenty-
five cents per. family will fix up the treasury
for the nextfive years, the expenses for the
last four being $4.55. One family paid the dues
imeadeatly, thus purchasing the stamps for the
unheard of corrospondance which the sectyretary
has been ordered to do.

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