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Falling Green

May, 3d, 1927.

On Tuesday April Fifth, THE HORTICUL
TURAL SOCIETY of Sandy Spring started its Sixty-
fourth year. We met at Knowlton, when Ethel McKay up-
held the reputation so well known to us, of gracious
hospitality. We are so pleased that she wants to be-
long to us, and we all enjoyed amost delightful
meeting with her.

Our Cousin Ellen has left us since last
we met, and never has her loss been felt so keenly
as on this day, She loved the Horticultural, and was
an inspiration to all of us. Gladys B. Tumbleson, ex-
pressed most beautifully, our love and sorrow in a mem
orial which Cousin Corrie read in a very charming
way. A copy of this memorial has been put into this
book preceding these minutes.

The minutes of the October meeting
were then read and adopted. Mrs. Nesbit then read
for Cousin Helen Hallowell an article discribing
the three story garden. In this wonder garden
things are planted so closly, allowing tall vegetab
les which require sun to shade lower ones which
like less sunect., that everything just grows except
weeds which are chocked out. Thtis sounds very
much like a fairy tale Our weeds just wouldn't
choke I'm sure.

Mother read us what John Bouroughs
had to say of apples, a very good article, read at
a very appropriate time, for I'm afraid we don't think
as much of apples as we once did, before this last
fall and winter of apples in the "fifty-seven var

The poultry roll-call showed that we
have 172 chickens, 51 more than we had last April,

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