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Voted unanimously to change the day
back to the first tuesday of each month.

Mrs. Hagerman has shown a desire to become a mem
ber of The Horticultural-Her written applicatin
was given to the Sec'y and Her name will be voted
upon at the April meeting. Application for member
ship from Mr. & Mrs. Harry Stabler was also read.
and a great deal of pleasure expressed at their de
sire to join us. Their names will also be voted on at the April meeting.


Roses may be moved in October. cut out all
old wood from rasberries.

"A well ventalated cellar, cut off from the heat,
is the best home cold-storage for apples.

Cats are the best rat-exterminators known
to the Horticultoral."

A word of remembrance was spoken for a dear, hospitable, former member of our Soc-
iety - Mrs. Louisa Nesbit, who passed away the fire
of the week.

And so another Horticultural Year
has ended, on a most perfect fall day, with APPLES,
APPLES everywhere, and all you want to eat.

We will meet again next yeat, on our
old familiar first Tuesday - May our circle be un-

Mary Reading Nichols,
Mary Reading Nichols, Secretary.

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