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H/5/1919 - 2 -
The minutes of the last meeting were
adopted as read.
As our 1st reader, Frank Hallowell, had
a cold, his sister Mary H Stabler read
his selected article taken from The
Literary Digest, the subject of which
being "Farming By Natural Signs."
It said "The superstition of planting
& harvesting crops by certain signs in
nature has come to be 'phrenology,' it
is & has always been one of the most
accurate aids possible to the right
kind of agriculture. The practice of
planting a certain kind of seed when
a certain kind of flower was in bloom
has been regarded as something for
well-meaning old fogies to putter
around with & for well-informed
people to smile at, but scientists have
now discovered that, for every farm
& garden operation, some tree or shrub
or plant indicates the best time
more accurately than all the scientific
instruments can register it."

Emma Stabler, as 2nd reader, paid
the society a compliment by saying
it was a hard risk to to find anything

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