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period of bloom, and winter mulching
with manure and enough other covering
to keep the front from throwing
the plants out of the ground."The
earth will freeze, but freezing alone will
not kill the roots."

Cornelia Bentley's article"Early English
Gardens presented Horticulture to us
from quite a new point of view. It
showed how travel and the discovery
of new lands and their floral treasures
have enriched those of the old countries.
During the religious persecutions
in Europe many refugees fled to England
and the poor homesick wanderers seldom
failed to take with them a few seeds or
bulbs from the loved homes they were
leaving. The plants carefully watched
and tended grew and flourished and
today the beauty of the cottage gardens of
England is well known.

The report of the committee on Forethought
was succeeded by an animated
discussion upon the use of Nitrate of
Soda. About the same number preferred
it in solution or as a powder.

The noon temperature was given

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