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These were the things we loved, and those are ours.
(Francis Miller 1888)
And this these dear ones still abide with us,
The rich example of their noble lives
Remains to aid usin our pilgrimage. H/11/1887--18.

To still we journey on, nor heart nor hand
Shall falter in the goodly work these loved.
With higher hopes and braver hearts we turn
To fact the coming of the newer time.

Farewell Old Year! We love you well
For all the joys that cluster round you.
Of rain and sorrows, too, we fain would tell,
Since these have but the closer bound you.

All hail New Year! With ready hand
We give toyou our cordial greeting;
an earnest, loving, trustful band,
Each joy or sorrow bravely calmly meeting.

The years that glide so swiftly by
Are fast another epoch bringing;
The summer light will flood the sky,
The flowers bloom, the birds be singing;

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