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188 H/11/1887 -13-
will it not be a beautiful tribute
to him, for each of us to strive to
improve the Society? - and to leave
it, - as he did the World far
better for having lived.
Margaret B. Magruder

of the
1863 ---1888


The formation of the Society was suggested by Francis
Miller and Mgt. B. Magruder. The meeting for organization
was held at Stanmore, Feb. 28th, 1963. The first regular
meeting was held at Brooke Grove, March 28th , 1863.

The following lines were written to commorate the completion
of Twenty Five years of uninterrupted existence, to
be read at Brooke Grove at the first meeting in the new Quarter
of a Century, 1888. March 26th
Henry C. Hollowell

Whoever looks abroad o'er Nature's realm
Sees constant motion mark the passing years,
The restless sea forever chafes its shore
And seems to murmur for the ages fled.
Great fleets sweep o'er its surface, and the vast
Levitation sports in its briny depths;
The coral groves give gleam in their azure home,

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