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and prosperous year.
(Motto) "Labor Be Lightened by Love."
The interesting incidents of this year, were
the meetings at the homes of our new members,
one held at "Whitehall" June 2d and
one at Leawood Mills Aug 4th

The only meeting in the 11 years, that we
had missed, was in July, - circumstances
not under our control, combined to interfere
with our holding it.
But our Exhibition flouished, - and
we were encouraged to

"Look Through Nature Up To Nature's God."

April 18th Our first sorrow fell upon us.
Mary B. Brooke, the beloved and loving
Mother at "Falling Green," would be seen
no more amid the flowers, she loved so well
to care for, and her smile of welcome, we
long for, in vain: her failing health had
prevented her being with the Society often,
but her interest never failed.
Sept 7th we met at "The Cedars". Nine years
had passed since the last meeting there.
Sept 21st, at the Exhibitions, our motto was
"Industry The Means, Plenty The Results."

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