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180 H/11/1887 -6-
Every meeting held, - no lack of zeal mani-
-fested. The day of our meeting was found to
conflict with other Societies to which some
belonged, and to attend which, our members
were often invited; therefore we decided to
hold our meetings in future, the first 3rd
day in each month, instead of the last 7th day.
The Motto for our Exhibition Sept 7th was:
"A Thing Of Beauty Is A Day Forever."

At Rock Spring Mar 6th Our President
called a few of our most valient members to
order, and states that as the mercury stood
at 5o and the ground was covered with snow,
it might be best to begin in April, hereafter,
to which all present agreed -- we went our
rounds as usual, this year.
Closed, Sept 5th with the Exhibition
The motto:
"The Harvest Shall Not Fail."


We elected two new families, into our Society,
this Spring. Thomas & Beulah Lea.
Elizabeth and Smauel Hopkins.
Exhibition at the usual place, Sept. 23rd
with an appropriate motto, -- after a busy,

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