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H/11/1887 -3- 177
consider it a family membership, in every
case; tho' one might be the most active
member, - any of the household were expected
to come. Thomas P Stabler, who
had given us, at several of our meetings
the benefit of live long experience in
practical horticulture, died on the 30 th of April,
Margaret H. Brooke married Dr. Wm
E. Magruder on the 24th of May, changing
her home to Brookeville, when the Society
met, in September.

The Society held its first meeting on the
18th of March, at Stanmore; Francis D.
Stabler secretary for this year. D. A. Lea
entertained us June 24th the first meeting
at "Springdale." Robert & Hannah Stabler
had this first meeting in the 31st of Aug.
Charlie H. Brooke & Anna Farquhar were
married on the 11th of May, in this year, and
had a meeting at "Falling Green", for their
Mother, Mary B. Brooke in September. This
year closed with an Exhibition at Sandy Spring
Lyceum; - it was our first; -- we met on
Sept 16th at 2. oclock, and arranged our
Fruits and Flowers, all in the Building;
it was a beautiful success.

The opening meeting at "Olney", Francis
Miller foreman - M. B. Magruder Sec.,

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